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Next date: Sunday, 06 October 2024 | 04:00 PM to 06:00 PM


Vertigo, is a 1958 American psychological thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock, that stands as one of the filmmaker’s most intricate and revered works.

Despite a lukewarm reception upon its initial release, the film has since earned its place among the greatest movies in cinematic history. “Vertigo” weaves a mesmerizing narrative of mistaken identity, passion, and murder. The story unfolds as an acrophobic detective becomes entangled in a complex web of emotions after rescuing a mysterious blonde from the bay. Hitchcock’s masterful storytelling and suspenseful atmosphere contribute to the film’s enduring legacy, and its reputation has only grown over the years, solidifying “Vertigo” as a classic that continues to captivate audiences with its psychological depth and visual brilliance





  • Sunday, 06 October 2024 | 04:00 PM - 06:00 PM

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