Flamenco for Everybody

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Flamenco for Everybody is a new show that shares a collective narrative of resilience with regional communities who have faced the adverse effects of Covid-19. Through harsh drought and bushfires, unemployment and isolation, it is the very spirit of music and dance that uplifts and heals.

Organically grown during imposed lockdowns, Annalouise Paul was determined to dance. She found an outdoor community veranda and local wharf to practice on for the entire year. The connection with locals was strong. She met walkers, boaties, dogs and children and one little boy on a scooter who asked, ‘Are you making a show? For everybody?’  And a few months later a show was born. 

Flamenco for Everybody is an exhilarating live performance of flamenco and contemporary dance, languid guitar, Spanish poetry and high-energy percussion seamlessly woven into compelling storytelling. You’ll hear about social, historical and cultural events that have shaped Flamenco over time from the living traditions of Andalusia; the Roma, Sephardi, Arabic and African cultures. 

Flamenco for Everybody is a community response to shared adversity that is highly uplifting and foot-tapping fun. By the end, audiences are invited to learn some rhythms and get up to dance!



  • Saturday, 29 April 2023 | 07:30 PM - 08:50 PM


Goulburn Performing Arts Centre, 163 Auburn Street, 2580, View Map

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